Posted by: rayseghers | October 7, 2009

Short Note: When should we re-survey?

Although there are many factors, the short answer is every 2-3 years. 

Although I have had a few clients that surveyed every year, I don’t recommend it as a general rule.  Why?  First, you must allow enough time for the impact of changes to be realized.  In large, multi-layered  organizations, this may take a while.  Second, if you survey too often, employees may feel “surveyed out” and they may not be as motivated to help implement improvements.  Third, organizations can go “back to well” once or twice – that’s right, go back to the survey data that they already have and continue to work on problems that were uncovered by the survey.

If you wait until 4 years, then you lose continuity.  It is no longer seen as a regular component of continuous improvement.



  1. Okay, Ray. I’ll bite. Are we going to be able to take and IOT test? I also wanted to say, that my bias against statistics is twofold: 1. The verbiage of the test reflects the values of the test-maker, and casts a significant bias on the results of the test. 2. Does it always matter what most of the people think, or does it matter more what the “movers and shakers” think. Case in point: The American Revolution. Not a war that most of the colonists favored, I think. And I think also that many of Obama’s ideas, which will cost taxpayers money, and are therefore unpopular, may be necessary to bring the country around and help the common people. Very nice website.

    • Thank you for sharing your comments.

      It is important to differentiate between a test/poll/survey and the statistics used to describe/analyze the results.

      The point that my professor was making was that we shouldn’t be trying to tease out some minor finding. Let’s concentrate on those things that jump right out at us.

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