Posted by: rayseghers | November 15, 2010

Business versus Employee

In the recent elections, we heard a lot of rhetoric about the economy and how to fix it.  Some candidates focused on solutions that favored business while others focused on solutions that favored employees.  Many made it sound as if it were one or the other – business interests versus employee interests.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Solutions ought to focus on the interests of both.  They are not mutually exclusive.  Now, let’s be honest.  Some organizations are guilty of neglecting their employees and some employees are guilty of neglecting their employers.  There is enough guilt to go around.


This is not a blog about politics.  It is about building effective, productive organizations that attract, develop, and retain talent.  I have written before about “mutual commitment” between employers and employees.  Unfortunately, this only seems to happen when times are good.  When the going gets tough, battle lines are drawn.  Both sides dig in their heels in the name of “taking care of number one.”  But this is not a zero-sum game and this often results in a lose-lose situation.   Organizations must view employees as an asset and not as an expense.  They must view training and development as investments in their future and not as expenses that must be minimized.


So, am I being too naïve?  Perhaps, but I think it is the best strategy.



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