Posted by: rayseghers | December 3, 2010

Skill Building versus Team Building

My colleague, Carl Greenberg, just posted his monthly newsletter.  Please check it out at:

He makes the point that the job of a supervisor is not only to build the skills of the individuals in his group but also to build that group into a cohesive and effective team.  These two things are not at all the same thing.

Reaching a high skill level can be done internally via training or externally via recruitment.  Either way, team building must be done internally and it must be relevant to the job at hand.  Teamwork for the sake of teamwork won’t work.  Teamwork that allows the group to reach its goals in a timely manner will work.

Of course, for organizations the job doesn’t stop there.  Even if each first line supervisor builds an effective team, higher level managers must blend those teams into a super-team – a team of teams.  Remember that the supervisor of each of these groups is part of a higher level group reporting to a higher level manager.  The supervisor is the linking pin that holds the groups together into an organization.  The team building process can begin at the top or bottom but either way must continue throughout the entire organization.

Oh, by the way, it is not a one-time deal.  Team building is an on-going process.  Goals change.  People change.  Teams must adapt to the new reality.


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