Posted by: rayseghers | December 9, 2010

Engagement Driver/Retention Driver – Same Thing?

Motivating employees to do well and keeping them with your organization is really one and the same job for managers, right?  In a word, no.


When I was a survey consultant at The Loyalty Institute, I had many colleagues who were Benefits Consultants.  They were miffed when our research did not identify satisfaction with benefits as a key driver of engagement.  How could that be?  This undermined their entire consulting strategy.  Well, not really.


To make a long story short, they realized that what makes people stay at an organization may not make them work harder and be more committed to their organizations on a day-to-day basis.  People don’t work harder on a Tuesday afternoon because they have medical insurance.  Yes, a good benefits program may keep employees from looking at the Help Wanted ads, but people work harder on Tuesday afternoon because they understand how their jobs align with the mission and vision of the organization, they have a sense of affiliation with their team members, and they have a chance to use their skills and to develop new ones.


Yes, a manager has to keep his/her employees with the organization but even more importantly he/she has to make sure that their time there is productive for both the organization and for the individual.



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