Posted by: rayseghers | February 11, 2011

Why do I like the survey approach?

Over the years I have seen several organizations change their priorities based on survey information from employees.  For example, one automobile parts manufacturing organization had already budgeted and scheduled a series of training programs for their production workers.   These programs were not mission critical, but were designed to encourage employee skill enhancement.  Now there is certainly nothing wrong with this, but an employee survey revealed that this was one of the lowest priorities for their employees at this time.  The money could be better spent on upgrading employee benefits.


If time and money were not issues then one would always opt to improve everything.  But time and money are always issues so tough decisions are often necessary.   Basically it comes down to a matter of degree, a matter of priorities, a matter of information.   It requires managers to review processes and procedures on a regular basis.  It requires them to solicit feedback from employees on a regular basis.  It requires them to know what the competition is doing and what new ideas and technologies are now available.


And while it may be about the journey, the organization needs to know where it is headed.  Without a well-defined organizational mission and vision and without knowing how each group fits in with the big picture managers cannot even begin to know if something is broken or not.  Organizations must let their employees know where they are going and ask them to help them get there.




  1. Ray;
    This is a good article. It gets down to talking about the the “nuts and bolts” of doing surveys- improving communications for motivation for planning, for coordination, etc.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks, Bill.

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