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Ray Seghers

Ray Seghers

Ray is now a Satisfaction Research Analyst with ForeSee Results in Ann Arbor, MI.


Seghers Survey Consulting

Seghers Survey Consulting offers full-service employee survey projects as well as the Small Business Employee Survey Kit, the Work Group Effectiveness Assessment, and more.

Seghers Survey Consulting is now an official Service Partner with Workplace Stars — building 5-star workplaces.  For more information please visit:




  1. Ray,
    Just logged into LinkedIn and got to your blog. Interesting article about bias of surveyors. I would agree, we all just have a natural bias about certain things we talk about.

    Love the picture on your blog. Is it just a file photo? Is it Italy? Reminds me of the view we saw of Italy a couple years ago, I think near Cortona. Would have to go back to my pictures, but just had a quick flash of what we saw on that trip, Tuscany and the region to the south. Just beautiful.

    • Thanks, Jacquie. It is just a file photo. I am not sure where it is. I would like to go there, however.

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